About Tengmin
Shanghai Tengmin Industry Co.,Ltd. was established as a professional plant in the field of manufacturing basic chemicals and sales. Tengmin owns large
material ore mine to keep producing constantly. Given advanced equipment , Tengmin possess the ability to process kinds of fine chemicals, such as sub-micron grade Precipitated Barium Sulfate (D50 ,0.3um), sub-micron grade precipitated silica as well as some other basic chemicals which are widely used for paints and coatings, electronic ink , printing ink, automobiles paint, rubber and plastic etc..

Tengmin also manufacturer paints and inks including silver glass backing paints, aluminum mirror backing paints, all kinds of glass screen printing inks, UV screen printing inks and market share in China is over 85%.

We focus on the long-term theme persistently to provide green, healthy, safe, friendly products and technology to help ........   More
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Precipitated Barium Su... [New]
Nature Barium Sulfate [New]
Anatase Titanium Dioxide [New]
Rutile Titanium Dioxide [New]
Ketjenblack EC-600JD [New]
Ketjenblack EC300J [New]
White carbon black [New]
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